The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book

By Marcia Skinner, Amber Skinner, and Catherine Kitcho

Photography by Robin Lafoe
ISBN: 978-192993612-0
2011, 195 pages, Hardcover with Wire-O inside
A little humor, a little philosophy, and a lot of great drinks. That’s the Dysfunctional Family Drink Book in a nutshell.  Filled with unique drink recipes, ideas for great cocktails, and funny stories about family relationships, there is something for everyone. This book makes a great gift and is an entertaining way to have some fun with your own dysfunctional family, as well as a great source for some innovative new recipes for cocktails. The authors developed this book as a family project to deal with their own dysfunctional family; here’s what they have to say: We’ve all experienced family dysfunction: in relationships, marriages, and during family get-togethers and holidays. Sometimes all you can do is laugh (or drink!) In our family, we like to do both. This little book got its start from a Christmas Eve get-together gone terribly wrong…but we think we came up with a brilliant way to work through it. Our little book has 76 creative and delicious cocktails, each with:

Developing this book was a fun and therapeutic project in and of itself. Now we want to share it with other dysfunctional families. Try our delicious cocktails; we invented and taste-tested them all. Many of the cocktail recipes contain more than one shot of alcohol, so please always drink responsibly. Read our stories and feel free to laugh with us, or laugh at us and our wacky family. So get out the blender, make some of our drinks, and have fun!

Specifications and Where to Buy:

Marcia Skinner, Amber Skinner and Catherine Kitcho
Photography by Robin Lafoe
(2011), 195 pages, Hardcover with Wire-O inside
ISBN: 9781929936120

The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book

This hilarious collection of dysfunctional family stories and delicious cocktails makes the perfect gift for any adult family member. There are 76 drink recipes, each with a funny title, gorgeous color photo, and a little story to make you think or laugh.