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Pele Publications is named after the mythological volcano goddess who finds her home at Halemaumau Crater on the Big Island of Hawai’i. She is a symbol of powerful, fiery, creative energy.

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Introducing the latest in the “Dark Side” series: Dark Side Redemption
Continuing the tale of estranged twins Tia and Tara, stolen identity,and cartel crime: the sequel to Dark Side Identity

Tia is in federal prison for passport fraud, and used her twin sister Tara’s identity to travel from Mexico to L.A. to work for Sun Angle, a drug trafficking front. When Tia didn’t arrive on a flight from Mazatlan, Sun Angle assumed they were compromised and moved their offices suddenly.

Tia’s afraid to reveal her Mexico connections, but her lawyer crafts a plea agreement with the DEA and prosecutor to have Tia serve her sentence in California, then in Guadalajara, working for the DEA. Twin sister Tara assists in the cartel investigations. The pressure is on for Tia to provide evidence to the DEA or she’ll return to prison. Will she give up her Mexico connections to redeem herself with the law, her twin and her family?

The first book in the “Dark Side” series: Dark Side Identity

A tale of suspense involving estranged identical twins, betrayal, and international crime…

Tara is a successful CPA in Los Angeles; Tia does shore excursions for a cruise line along the Mexican Riviera. They are mirror images of each other, but one chooses the dark side, the other the light. When Tara is detained after a routine traffic stop and becomes a suspect in a money laundering operation for a Mexican cartel, she believes that Tia has stolen her identity. It’s now up to Tara to find Tia, find the truth, and clear her own good name.



The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book


High Tech Product Launch - Second Edition

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