About Pele Publications

Pele Publications is named after the mythological volcano goddess who finds her home at Halemaumau Crater on the Big Island of Hawai’i. She is a symbol of powerful, fiery, creative energy.

(Note to soccer fans: NO, this site has nothing to do with Pele, the soccer player.)

Pele Publications was founded in 1998, and is focused on publishing books authored or co-authored by Catherine Kitcho.

We are not a conventional publisher and do not accept unsolicited book proposals from individuals or inquiries from agents.
The history of

Pele Publications

Starting in 1998, Pele Publications has been the publisher for the “Launch Doctor” series of books, authored by Catherine Kitcho. These books focused on high tech marketing, and the management of new products and ventures:

-In 2011, Pele Publications published its first book in the humor/wine and spirits genre, The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book. Catherine Kitcho is a co-author. This book also has a separate website with more details: DFDB website.

-2017 marked the beginning of a new fiction series by Catherine Kitcho. The first book in the “Dark Side” series was Dark Side Identity, a suspense novel.

–In 2021, the second suspense novel in the “Dark Side” series was published: Dark Side Redemption, a sequel to Dark Side Identity. Both of the “Dark Side” novels have a separate website with more details: Dark Side website.

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