Business. Marketing. Humor. Wine and Spirits. Fiction.
Producing books that inform, educate, inspire, amuse, and entertain:
that is the mission of Pele Publications

Our books are written or co-authored by Catherine Kitcho.
Since 1998, titles have included several business books in the Launch Doctor series, and the most recent one is High Tech Product Launch - Second Edition.

In 2011, Pele Publications published its first title in the humor/wine and spirits genre, The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book.

The latest title is Dark Side Redemption, published in May 2021. Other titles will be announced here at the online home of Pele Publications. Visit the Books page for up to date information on our books.

Marketing Wine & Spirits/Humor Fiction Fiction
High Tech Product Launch Wine & Spirits / Humor Tech Product Launch Dark Identity Product Launch Dark Side Redemption
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Pele Publications is named after the mythological volcano goddess
who finds her home at Halemaumau Crater on the Big Island of Hawaii.

She is a symbol of powerful, fiery, creative energy.

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