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Current Books in Print

Dark Side Identity NEW!! Just released December 2017:
Dark Side Identity (fiction - suspense)

A tale of suspense involving estranged identical twins, betrayal, and international crime. ..Tara is a successful CPA in Los Angeles; Tia does shore excursions for a cruise line along the Mexican Riviera. They are mirror images of each other, but one chooses the dark side, the other the light. When Tara is detained after a routine traffic stop and becomes a suspect in a money laundering operation for a Mexican cartel, she believes that Tia has stolen her identity. It's now up to Tara to find Tia, find the truth, and clear her own good name.
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The Dysfunctional Drink Book The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book (cocktail/humor)

This hilarious collection of dysfunctional family stories and delicious cocktails makes the perfect gift for any adult family member. There are 76 drink recipes, each with a funny title, gorgeous color photo, and a little story to make you think or laugh.
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High Tech Product Launch High Tech Product Launch - Second Edition (marketing)

This popular guide to best practices in product launch covers the techniques needed to execute a successful launch process every time. It can be used to launch any type of product or service.
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