High Tech Product Launch - Second Edition
Catherine Kitcho
Trade Paperback, 259 pages

The Dysfunctional Family Drink Book The first edition of this book became a classic reference for the basics of product launch, used worldwide by companies and individuals. The Second Edition builds upon the principles of the first edition, with new content, illustrations and updated examples that reflect the best practices in product launch today. The book addresses product launch as a vital business process, requiring the combined skills of marketing and project management. The content guides the reader through the launch process, from data gathering to analysis to planning to implementation. The techniques presented can be used to launch any type of product or service.

Who's buying it?

Marketing professionals, launch managers, product managers, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, marketing communications and P.R. firms, and small business owners.

What's the content?

A practical, how-to guide for launching any product or service that covers the launch process from beginning to end. The basic principles of launch are included, such as market and competitive analysis; market strategy; external and internal marketing programs; creation of marketing plans; compiling launch plans; and launch management.

To expand this basic content, several new topics have been added:

• Using web intelligence techniques to support market analysis
• Analyzing competitive environments
• Mapping the business model and planning distribution
• Using messages in market materials
• How to write a press release
• Creating launch schedules for managing and reporting
• Developing and managing launch budgets
• Setting up an online launch center

How is the book being used?

• Launch managers use it as a reference to guide launch activities and train the launch team
• Product managers use it to do market analysis and develop marketing plans
• Marketing directors use it to do strategic launch planning and management
• Entrepreneurs use it to learn what they need to do to launch their product and company
• Marketing communications and P.R. firms use it to help guide their clients through launch

Specifications and Where to Buy:

High Tech Product Launch – Second Edition
Catherine Kitcho
(2005), 259 pages, Paperback
ISBN: 9781929936045

This popular guide to best practices in product launch covers the techniques needed to execute a successful launch process every time. It can be used to launch any type of product or service.

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