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Movie Review:

Sunshine Cleaniing

Rating: Active Eruption

Another great performance for both Amy Adams and Emily Blunt (and Alan Arkin was not too shabby either)! The movie has an interesting premise: two sisters in financial trouble discover a new business: death and crime scene cleanup (remember the "Cleaner" in Pulp Fiction? Kind of like that, except with a feminine touch). Amy's character (a single Mom) learns about the business from her married lover, the local police detective. That affair ends when the detective's wife (a high school classmate of Amy's character) becomes pregnant again. Emily Blunt plays her sister who still lives at home with widowed Dad (Alan Arkin). The two sisters get the hang of the new business after a while, but then Emily's character messes up a job and sets a house on fire. Great movie! Funny, touching, inspirational tale about a dysfunctional but lovable family.

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