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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption

Wow, just wow. What a performance! Not only was the acting great (Langella and Sheen especially) but contrary to many movies out this season the movie actually had a plot and effective character development. Whether you loved Nixon or hated him, this is a must-see movie. I have to admit that I was definitely on the hate side of the spectrum before seeing the movie, but it taps the tragic nature of his character and the self-torture he endured during his last days and I found myself feeling sorry for this (sorry) human being. Did he show remorse for what he did? Not very much, and history will always judge him poorly, but it's an interesting look at the man. Frost/Nixon is also very timely because it prepares us for the incoming administration and the Chicago-style corruption that permeates it(that we are already seeing). They will make Nixon look like a saint. See the movie now and judge the next couple of years accordingly; you'll be glad you did.

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