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Movie Review:

Mad Money

Rating: Active Eruption

In a season of dismal and violent films, this highly entertaining and fun little film represents a much needed break. It features two of my favorite comedic actresses, Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah, and they are joined by the delightful Katie Holmes. This film is of course about money, and who doesn't love money? Who doesn't fantasize about a way to get a lot of it, especially when it's just going to be shredded by the Federal Reserve bank anyway? Diane Keaton gets to play the part of the bad girl this time, masterminding the plot to "recycle" some of the old bills and leading the somewhat hesitant girl bandits Katie Holmes and Queen Latifah. There are also some intriguing little subplots about how each of the three women's families get involved in the scheme (however unintentionally) and the role that the money plays in each of their relationships. Go see it!

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