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Movie Review:

The Savages

Rating: Molten

This is another important movie about the elderly and dementia, except this time the focus is on the caregivers: the adult children, portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. Estranged from their father for decades, Jon and Wendy Savage are faced with a grim reunion in Arizona when their father's life partner dies and he must find a place to live, just as he's diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. They take their father to Buffalo to live in a nursing home just a few blocks away from Jon's house; Laura moves in temporarily to help get him settled, but is convinced her father should be in a better facility. As they deal with their father's illness and impending death, Jon and Wendy must also face the other failed relationships in their own lives. Although a serious drama, there are also a few lighthearted moments throughout the movie. This is a great movie for anyone who may be facing this issue with their own parents right now. I went through this whole scene with my own father ten years ago, and a lot of the movie seemed all too familiar--which speaks to the movie's authenticity.

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