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Movie Review:

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Rating: Active Eruption

Best movie of the award season so far. Absolutely outstanding acting by four greats: Albert Finney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, and Marisa Tomei. Unique, suspenseful plot: crime committed in a non-Mafia dysfunctional family (it doesn't get more interesting than that!) Unique beginning and satisfying ending to this film. As each character is introduced, we empathize with them, and then we change our minds and turn on them when they become weak or do something bad. It's a roller-coaster, and a few intermittent repeated scenes help us understand the different characters' perspectives and indeed, what changes them. A thoroughly entertaining (if somewhat depressing) movie, and a definite must-see of the season. Expect some Oscars from this one!

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