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Movie Review:

No Country for Old Men

Rating: Molten

Because this is a Coen Brothers movie, the bar was set pretty high, especially from their work, "Fargo". I think this movie fell a little short of that bar, however. The premise of the movie was pretty clear (a drug dispute), the setting was a little different (Texas border town), the acting was pretty impressive (how can you go wrong with the four main stars),the accents were spot on, the Coen humor bits were interspersed well, and the plot moved along at the right pace.

So what went wrong? I think we needed a bit more character development and a few more backstory details to eliminate some confusion. It wasn't clear to me why Tommy Lee Jones' character didn't do more detective work about the murders; was it just because he was old and didn't care? (Hence the source of the movie title?) He seemed just lazy. Maybe I watch too much CSI. It also wasn't clear what Josh Brolin's character did for a living, which would have helped explain his motive for protecting the drug payout money at all costs. The weird air gun that Javier Bardem was using wasn't explained until very late in the movie and why he used it was never addressed either. So, that's it. Needed a few more details to understand the character's actions. Maybe the next one will be better. This move may get some Oscar nods for acting, but forget about Best Picture.

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