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Movie Review:

Night at the Museum

Rating: Active Eruption

Ben Stiller is just hilarious in this movie; possibly his best yet. With a clever plot line and a team of other comedy greats like Owen Wilson, Robin Williams and Dick Van Dyke to join in, it all comes together as a fast-moving comedic fantasy with a realistic plot. As three aging night guards at the the natural history museum are being forced out, they decide to "train" the new guy played by Ben Stiller, who is trying to find a job so he can maintain visiting rights to see his son from his previous marriage. What the guards don't explain is that the characters and animals come alive at night, sparked by an ancient Eqyptian gold tablet in one of the mummy's tombs. As he copes with all of the mayhem that ensues (including a cranky, face-slapping monkey), he tries to keep his job and keep the stone tablet from being stolen. This is a great movie for any age, and you will be laughing from beginning to end.

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