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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption

Well, I thought this movie was going to be all about Robert F. Kennedy, but it was more about what was going on in our culture and politics of the time. The assassination of Bobby Kennedy was just an intersection point of the story lines of the ordinary people who were there at the Ambassador hotel the day he was shot. We learn about the wrenching choices and sacrifices surrounding the Vietnam war. We are shown the pain of maritial infidelity. We learn about the Latino struggle to just survive in our society. We share the hope that a new face, a Kennedy face, could bring healing to our country. And then the hope is snuffed out in an ugly instant.

This is a fascinating and provocative film that you should see more than once. It was an unsettling time in our history, and the film helps us understand it just a bit better. In addition, this movie has an all-star cast and the performances are superb.

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