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Movie Review:

The Good Shepherd

Rating: Molten

If you were ever curious about the early days of the CIA, this is the movie for you. Expertly cast and set in the sixties (with flashbacks to the thirties), Robert de Niro's film tells the tale of how and why the CIA came into being. Matt Damon plays the stonefaced agent who constantly must choose between his country or his family, having to learn and re-learn whom he can trust. With threats from the KGB and other foreign hostile agents, he manages to survive physically, but his family relationships suffer.

Be alert when you go to see this film; there are many twists and turns in the plot, and you'll have to figure out who's on our side and their side, who's a double agent and who's a mole. Highly entertaining and intellectually stimulating. Definitely not a comedy or a light movie, but it is quite interesting and gives a fascinating look at a dangerous time in our nation's history.

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