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Movie Review:

Blood Diamond

Rating: Molten

This movie will make you feel guilty if you own any diamonds, but you probably have already heard that. See it anyway! This is a superb performance by Leonardo DiCaprio - probably his best film ever. The movie takes place in Sierra Leone during the late 1990s when civil war was going on over who would control the diamond mines. Leonardo plays smuggler Danny Archer, with connections all over the world. Then he meets Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) whose family was captured and he was forced to work for the thugs trying to take over the diamond operations. While 'panning' for diamonds (much like panning for gold), Solomon finds a large diamond and buries it. Then the crew is attacked and he is captured and thrown in jail. He plans to return one day to find the diamond he buried. He hooks up with Danny Archer and also with journalist Maddy Brown (played by Jennifer Connelly), who is writing an expose of the corruption of the diamond industry. The three of them try to find the diamond and free Solomon's family without getting killed or captured in the process. Not a dull moment in this film. It's a bit gory in places, but if that bothers you, focus on the story line instead.

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