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Movie Review:

Stranger Than Fiction

Rating: Active Eruption

This movie is a pure delight. The story is unique, the characters intriguing and funny, and it is put together so well that there isn't a dull moment from beginning to end. Will Farrell does a fabulous job of playing the IRS auditor with a dull life who becomes captive to a voice in his head that narrates his life. Turns out this voice belongs to a novelist (played by Emma Thompson) who has to find a way to kill him off so he can finish her book, under much pressure from her editor, Queen Latifah. At first, Will goes to a shrink, who sends him to a literature professor (hilariously protrayed by Dustin Hoffman)for counseling to find out how he might be killed. In the middle of all of this, Will must audit a small bakery owned by a young woman, played by Maggie Gyllenhall, and eventually beomes involved with her. Can't give away the ending, but you really, really must see this movie. It's funny, romantic, suspenseful, and highly entertaining. Okay...see it twice and tell your friends. This is one of the very best movies of the season.

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