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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption

This is a movie that lived up to the level of its marketing, and then some. It is intriguing, entertaining, and moving, with blockbuster performances by Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy (who sings beautifully; who knew?). But the most spectacular performance was that of newcomer Jennifer Hudson. Her solo in Act II is so powerful you can feel it all the way to your toes. Several people in the theater applauded after her solo, and a few gave her a standing ovation, forgetting that this wasn't live theater-but it was that good. It's tough to convert a stage production into a movie, but Director Bill Condon did it again. The songs just naturally fit into the scenes and dialogue at the right time. The story line and plot twists were compelling. Of course the story is about the creation and evolution of The Supremes, who reached their height of fame in the 1960s. It was fascinating to learn how the game was played in those days when it was difficult to get your songs played on radio (especially for people of color) and the deals that went on behind the scenes. The other interesting thread was Dianna Ross's manager/husband and his tight control over her every move during those days. If you liked the movie Chicago, you will love this movie. Treat yourself, and then buy the soundtrack to relive the wonderful music.

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