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Movie Review:


Rating: Molten

This almost got the highest rating, but although hilariously funny, I think that about 20 percent of the movie went a little too far over the top. And by that I mean it felt uncomfortable. The film is an equal opportunity offender - of religions, of women, of gays, of American culture (Southern hospitality, rodeos, Hollywood), of our government, and probably a few other groups and institutions. For that reason, you should see it in order to discuss it with your friends to see which parts offended them! The premise is simple; Borat is a young and horny journalist from Kazakhstan who wants to do a documentary about the "U S and A", so he takes along his producer and cameraman and starts his journey. He begins in New York, takes a swing through the south and Texas, and ends in California where he hopes to find and marry Pamela Anderson.

The movie is filled with laugh-out-loud funny moments, and you will laugh whether you want to or not. The movie also stirs up some controversy about America; it holds a mirror up to who we are and what we do and the way we are. You have to be able to laugh at yourself and not take it too seriously.

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