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Movie Review:


Rating: Smoldering

Well, I must say this was a disappointment. The movie would have been just fine with the Morocco and Mexico story lines, but no, they had to go and add a third story line that took place in Japan and it was this third part that made you feel like you were suddenly watching a separate (and uncomfortable) movie because it had little or no plot relationship to the rest of the movie! They could have easily cut out the 40 minutes of the third story line and have had just a wonderful movie with the rest, but they had to get all "Crash"-like and try to weave more stories together. The rest of it was about an American couple touring Morocco when the wife is hit by a stray bullet, from a gun fired by a very young Morroccan boy, a goatherder's son. The American couple had left their two kids at home in San Diego, in the care of their Mexican nanny, whose son is getting married, so she takes the two little blond kids with her to the wedding. We think. There's a part of the movie at the end that gets a little "Pulp Fiction"-like with an alternate ending, so we're not really sure what has happened. But, those two story lines and locations are pretty interesting. So, if you go to this, do a loonnngg bathroom break or go talk on your cell phone outside during the Japan story. It will be better experience.

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