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Movie Review:

The Queen

Rating: Active Eruption

Look out Oscars, here comes Helen Mirren! What a wonderful job portraying the iconic Queen Elizabeth, giving us an inside look at the royal family during the days after Princess Diana's death. We all were curious as to what goes on behind the scenes with the royal family, and this movie certainly opens the curtains and lets us watch through the window. We see their true personalities out of the public eye, sometimes harsh, often reserved, and surprisingly, a little bit warm, also. We watch the Queen driving and having her jeep fail her, calling the staff to tell them what was broken (she had been a mechanic during the war; who knew?) We see her and Phillip maintain the stiff upper lip as only the royal British could do, trying to avoid the building pressures from the public to have the royal family produce a public funeral (how ghastly!)But then we see her soften as she confronts the wall of condolence flowers and then gives in to the public demands. And we all forgive her (whether you want to or not!) That's what great performances do.

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