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Movie Review:

King Kong

Rating: Smoldering

With all of the previews and trailers and the credentials of Peter Jackson, I was expecting this movie to set a new standard for this classic tale. It almost did, and if Peter Jackson had left out the Jurassic Park part of the movie, it would have. He had me at the beginning of the movie, with the first hour or so when the crew came together aboard the ship Venture, headed for Skull Island. But when the dinosaurs materialized, I thought I was watching Jurassic Park...huh? He got his geologic eras a tad mixed up; gorillas, bats and scorpions would not have existed at the same time as dinosaurs!! I ceased believing in the movie at that point, and the next hour or so was frankly boring. If Peter Jackson had just stayed with the natives, the ape, the bats and scorpions, it was scary enough already; he didn't need anything else and it took away from the story.

The only saving grace were the performances by Jack Black, perfectly cast, and Naomi Watts (who does a wonderful scary stare and can hold it dialogue-free for 10 minutes at a time). The ape was great, as well as some of the other special effects and the cinematography. If you have nothing else to do for 3 hours, go see it, but do your bathroom break when the dinosaurs show up!

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