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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption

I was forewarned about the twisting winding plots (4 of them) before I went to see this movie. So, I was able to keep track of them easily as I watched this film. It was woven together brilliantly, and the high-energy suspense was present from beginning to end. Yes, the movie is about oil and power and the Middle East. You can't get much more contemporary than that in terms of our nation's psyche. The movie will make you angry about the politics and the power in the wrong hands, as well as the suffering it causes. At the end of the movie, I summed it up in one word: Wow. I also had two observations, one political and one social. First, if this is what's going on behind the scenes, we should leave the Middle East alone and get the hell out. Second, if women ran countries and companies instead of men, none of this crap would be happening. Ta da! Just my two cents, but so it goes for this reviewer. Gotta see this's guaranteed to stimulate many interesting discussions among friends and family!

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