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Movie Review:


Rating: Molten

This movie may be compared to A Beautiful Mind, but the only things these movies have in common are: they both are about math and they both have a character experiencing insanity. Then why see Proof? Stellar actors Anthony Hopkins and Gwyneth Paltrow as the math professor Robert and his brilliant math protégé daughter Catherine. Jake Gyllenhall s the student/love interest is not too shabby either.

The plot revolves around a famous proof involving prime numbers that represented a key development in the field of mathematics. Catherine essentially had become a hermit, being caretaker of her father when he became mentally ill. The notebook containing the proof was found after Robert's death, when student Hal was going through the late professor's writings. The question is: who developed the proof, Robert or Catherine? That sets the stage for the rest of the movie as Hal and Catherine discover the truth about Robert and themselves.

Well done, intellectually stimulating, wonderful acting. See it with educated friends.

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