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Movie Review:


Rating: Molten

This is a great sister flick, with wonderful actresses: Toni Collette, Cameron Diaz and Shirley MacLaine. Oh there were some guys in there, too, but the main plot has to do with the sisters. One can do nothing wrong, the other can do nothing right. One is plain, the other is beautiful. Can you guess which one becomes Cinderella? Oh, let's not forget the forgotten grandmother that somehow was unknown until everything blew up. And that grandmother as well as their father has a lot of making up to do: for the lost time and the lost connections to the family.

We start in Philadelphia and end up in Florida at a senior community. What a trip. Toni plays the lawyer, Rose Feller, who collects shoes. Cameron plays the alcholic slut, Maggie Feller, who collects men, and ends up sleeping on Rose's couch when her money runs out. Rose (with infinite sisterly patience) doesn't have the heart to kick her out until Maggie makes a pass at her boyfriend. That's it, out you go! Maggie ends up in Florida to find long lost grandmother Ella Hirsch, played by Shirley MacLaine. All ends well, with jobs, smiles, and a wedding. Not saying who the bride is…

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