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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption. Even if you don't have gray hair, you've got to see this one. Expect some Oscar nods from this one.

(note: Actor names used in review instead of character names.)

The previews of this movie were funny, but they really don't do the movie justice. It was a lot funnier and the story line was much more complicated than the previews would suggest. The acting was superb, with polished veterans like Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Frances McDormand and Amanda Peet. Jack was cast yet again as an aging, perplexing curmudgeon (as in About Schmidt and Terms of Endearment). However, Diane Keaton came out of her nice-girl, introverted, quirky self and became a self-made, independent, outgoing, and self-confident over-50s hottie! What a performance, and kudos to you, Diane. Not to mention that she was hitting on both Jack and Keanu in the same movie. We should all be so lucky. As for Amanda, she played her twentysomething role just perfectly, and stayed out of her mother's love triangle. Frances was a stitch as Diane's women's libber sister.

Jack plays a never-married playboy in the music business who has never dated anyone his own age. His current squeeze, Amanda, brings him to his (divorced) mother's home in the Hamptons for a fun weekend all to themselves. However, Diane and her sister walk in on Jack in his swim trunks, and they all decide to stay in the house anyway. Dinner conversations are hostile at best. Jack has a heart attack and has to be taken to the local hospital, where Keanu prescribes bed rest after his initial treatment. Everyone takes off and leaves Diane to be Jack's nurse. Doctor Keanu drops in to check on his patient but also has the hots for Diane, having admired her work as a famous playwright for years. They go out on a couple dates, with Jack spying on them. After Jack recovers, the love triangle emerges. Can't tell you how it ends, but Diane must ultimately decide between the two of them.

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