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Movie Review:


Rating: Molten

I was a huge fan of Meet the Parents. I must have seen it ten times. Itís a tight movie with consistent humor from beginning to end. I was expecting no less from the sequel, Meet the Fockers. Even though few sequels live up to expectations, I wasnít disappointed. With Dustin Hoffman as Bernie Focker and Barbra Streisand as Roz Focker, how bad could it be? They were absolutely hilarious. It was so great to see Barbra doing comedy again; itís been a long time. Dustin Hoffman is always great with whatever he does and this film was no exception.

The premise of the movie is for Pam (Teri Polo) and her parents Jack and Dina Byrnes (Robert de Niro and Blythe Danner) to meet Gregís parents. Greg is played by the wonderful and zany Ben Stiller. Jack and Dina are babysitting their little grandson, so they bring him along to go meet the Fockers. When I saw the previews of the movie with the scenes with the baby and the breastfeeding device, I had my doubts. But actually, the other scenes with the baby were pretty funny. Sometimes I think they pick the worst material for the trailers and previews! Back to the plot. The Byrnes clan and Greg drive down to Florida in Jackís stealthmobile, a converted RV outfitted with anti-terrorism and clandestine equipment. So, the anticipated meeting between the two sets of parents is a classic conflict: uptight and conservative versus flower-children and liberal. (Gregís mother is a sex therapist for senior citizens.) Lots of material for laughs throughout, carried by Barbra and Dustin. Itís at least as funny as the first one. The best comedy of the season.

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