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Movie Review:


Rating: Dormant

Julia Roberts was the reason I saw this movie, because I thought that the bar would be pretty high for her to star in it. Well, not any more. What a disappointment! The movie is about a love “quadrangle”, not a love triangle, whereby the relationships among four people stop and start depending upon their individual psychoses of the day. Viewers needed a flow chart to keep up. Closer received a lot of advance hype, as many movies do that are released at the height of the year-end season, and especially for newcomer actor Clive Owen, playing a doctor by the name of Larry. I found his vulgarity and violence got in the way of whatever depth of character he was trying to portray in this role. The other two members of the foursome, Natalie Portman as Alice and Jude Law as Dan, enter into lust or attempts at romantic encounters with Larry and Anna (Julia Roberts).

Dan meets Alice on the streets of London just as she is involved in an auto accident. Dan also meets Anna as she is photographing him. He wants both Alice and Anna at the same time (the lech). Inexplicably, Dan sets up a bogus meeting for Anna via an Internet chat room whereby Dan poses as Anna online and sets up a meeting with Larry at the aquarium to meet in person. This was just pushing it a bit in terms of plausible plot, and this is one of the points in the movie where I nearly dozed off. Each time my eyes were ready to close, a bit of vulgarity from Larry jolted me awake. The other questionable plot element was the fact that both Anna and Alice were Americans living in London, and they both happen to meet these British lechers at the same time. Synchronicity is fine in movies occasionally, but this was pushing it a bit. Boring interaction, vulgarity instead of what could have been interesting relationships, and too many holes in the plot. Don’t even waste your money on renting the DVD when it’s released. Definitely a DORMANT dud.

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