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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption

If you enjoyed Paul Giamatti in Duets or American Splendor, you will love this movie. This is Paul at his comedic and dramatic best, all wrapped into one role. No one does hilarious victim better. Paul plays Miles, the best man for his friend Jack (Thomas Haden Church), who takes Jack on a one-week wine-tasting trip the week before the wedding. Paul is in search of the perfect Pinot Noir and a great golf course to play nine holes, but Jack has other things on his mind: a few last flings before tying the knot with his Armenian beauty, Christine.

As Miles and Jack cruise through the Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo wine country, they find wine, food, and yes, women. Jack convinces Miles to have a little fling with Maya (Virginia Madsen), a waitress at one of Miles’ favorite restaurants, while Jack seduces Stephanie (Sandra Ho), a winery hostess. This is one hilarious buddy road trip as the two of them argue about wines, relationships, and commitment. Men and women alike will love this film. In addition to the comedy, viewers are treated to a bonus education about wine tasting and also experience some of the spectacular scenery of one of the wine-growing regions of California. This is definitely the funniest flick of the year-end season.

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