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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption. A must-see. Alec and William H. may both be Oscar-worthy.

(note: Actor names used in review instead of character names.)

Another superb performance by William H. Macy. Yes, he plays another loser character as in Fargo and Door-to-Door. However, this one (get ready) has a love story, too. And he should really do more romance; he's a natural.

This is set in sin city - Las Vegas. Alec Baldwin plays a casino owner who runs his business the old way, before the Bellagios and the Mirages and the MGM Grands even existed. He monitors the bottom line and the house take like a crazed accountant, and to maintain the numbers, he employs a "cooler" - someone who can merely walk by a lucky high roller and change his luck from winner to loser. William H. is the cooler. When the casino is pressured by some hotshot Harvard business twit to get rid of the cooler and start adopting present-day business practices, Alec gets his feathers ruffled. Meanwhile, William H. is falling in love with one of the casino waitresses, Maria Bello, with whom he wants to run off with and leave town.

Lots of twists, tension, violence, passion, sin, excitement, and great acting to suck you in.

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