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Movie Review:


Rating: Molten

Matrix fans absolutely need to see this one so that the third one will make sense.

First I must say that I am not a fan of sci fi-adventure-suspense-horror flicks, okay? My husband dragged me to this one, in exchange for a promise to go see the next chick flick with me. He also made me see the first Matrix movie, "The Matrix", which I actually enjoyed, mainly because of Keanu Reeves. Who says this isn't a chick flick?

Okay, so Matrix Reloaded. Bottom line is that they really, really could have finished the series with the second movie. At least one hour of Reloaded was filled with a car chase (that was interesting the first 3 minutes, but then we got the point, okay?), and lots of fight scenes with some special effects (again, the first scene was okay, but you just knew Neo was going to come out a winner, so let's get on with the plot.)

I enjoyed the little snippets of plot that showed up here and there, and the philosophical discussions about the matrix versus Zion and why the matrix even exists. Just when you wrapped your brain around one of those interesting little philosophical points and you wanted to ponder it awhile, then came one of those rude little fight scenes to interrupt your stream of consciousness.

The ongoing love story between Neo and Trinity was also captivating. This time each was tested as to the strength of their love. Trinity was tested when another woman threatened Neo unless she got a kiss from him - while Trinity was forced to watch. Neo was tested by a premonition about Trinity being killed, and had to make a choice between saving her and saving the rest of humanity. A traditional, gut-wrenching love story.

And then there was Keanu Reeves for 2 hours and 18 minutes. Enough said.

The battle between good and evil continues through the second Matrix movie, but we won't know if good will really triumph until the third movie. So, if you want to see how it ends, you should see Matrix Reloaded first - because they are not going to do a recap for those of you unwilling to put down your $7.50 to see this one!

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