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Movie Review:


Rating: Active Eruption

If you love Reese Witherspoon and seeing the underdog win (no pun intended), this movie's a must-see. Not only is the movie as funny as the original Legally Blonde, it has a few important messages for all of us as well.

I loved the first Legally Blonde, and I own a copy. I've seen it about 14 times, at least. Of course, I was waiting for the sequel to see what Elle Woods would do next once she graduated from Harvard Law School.

Let's remember first that sequels are hard to do, especially if the original movie was a hit. I kept that in mind as I watched Legally Blonde II. I would have to say that they did a good job for a sequel. They even had a little intro during the opening credits to bring everyone up to speed as to where Elle Woods left off with her career: with a job at a Boston law firm, and ready to plan her wedding to Emmett, a law professor at Harvard.

In the process of planning their wedding, Elle decides to locate her dog Bruiser's mother, and hires a private investigator, who discovers that the dog's mother is being held at a cosmetics testing laboratory along with many other test animals. This spurs Elle to become an advocate for animal rights, and she presents a proposal to her employer to take on a case to release the animals from the lab - unfortunately on the same day when she was supposed to be promoted. Instead, she is fired, so with Emmett's advice, she takes her case to Washington D.C., and finds a sympathetic congresswoman (played by Sally Field). The doorman at Elle's hotel (played by Bob Newhart) becomes her mentor and helps her figure out her strategy, based on his many years of keeping up with the gossip generated by hotel guests. Elle's efforts to coerce Congress into considering "Bruiser's Bill" are hilarious, with several, laugh-out-loud scenes. She organizes a "Million Dog March", with the help of her nationally distributed Delta Nu sorority sisters. She learns about office politics and federal politics the hard way and through her character, we learn as well.

This is a fun way to spend a couple of hours. Even if you're not an animal lover, you will be cheering Elle on during her heroic and hilarious efforts.

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