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High Tech Product Launch - Second Edition

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High Tech Product Launch -
Second Edition

by Catherine Kitcho

Product launch has become a critical business process for any company today. The accelerated pace of product development, the push to get to market sooner, and the focus on profitability require a new set of marketing and project management skills. In this second edition of High Tech Product Launch, Catherine Kitcho builds upon the launch fundamentals of the first edition by providing an updated set of launch best practices needed to succeed in today’s dynamic economy.

ISBN: 1-929936-04-4
Softcover, 259 pages, $29.95

This comprehensive guide to launch addresses the entire launch process, and the techniques presented in the book can be used to launch any type of product or service. Some of the new and updated topics in the second edition include:

• Conducting analysis of the customer, competition, and the overall market
• Using web intelligence techniques to support market analysis
• Developing key messages and how to use them in market materials
• Finding the right market strategy for the product
• Identifying the best set of marketing programs for the launch
• Managing launch budgets and schedules
• Building cross-functional launch teams
• Setting up an online launch center
• Launch process improvement

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